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From Vic….

I feel lucky to have played a small part in the sports world. Looking for creative ways to help people play their chosen sport better, and sooner, has provided me with plenty of excitement and new knowledge. Though I still feel we’re in the “Stone Ages” on many fronts, that will change because there are so many fine researchers generating new projects.

In addition, there is evidence that the many disciplines involved in understanding sport are beginning to cooperate on a much higher level. Sport surfaces childhood emotions and experiences faster than anything I know. Therefore, it is a major force in the understanding of human behavior and the development of wholesome character in each of us. Playing a sport should be one of the finest treasures known to mankind.

Unfortunately, the sports world has lost too many people because we lack the knowledge to find ways to keep them involved. While people are being introduced to a new sport, they should be laughing their guts out while learning. Those that learn this way are usually in sports for a lifetime.

-Vic Braden